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Update: Since lateย August 2018 I have been doing NSNG (No Sugar, No Grains) for the most part. I am down 50 lbs. and feel great. I still eat fast food, just a lot less of it.

You love fast food, you know you do. PDX Fast Foodie will help you navigate the world of fast food to find the best, cheapest, and weirdest options out there.

Nate is a native of Portland, Oregon and knows more about fast food than most would care to admit. Whether it’s tacos, pizza, burgers, or some other quickly acquired delight, Nate will let you know how to do it.

KFC Georgia Gold Chicken

I have been seeing commercials (see below) for KFC's Georgia Gold Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken for a while now. I was intrigued, I am a big fan of fried chicken and honey mustard. Now for whatever reason KFC isn't currently on my regular rotation for culinary...

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Naked Chicken Chalupa Remixed

Sadly by the time you read this post our good friends at Taco Bell have probably removed the popular Naked Chicken Chalupa from the menu. It came around early 2017 and as I write is scheduled to be removed any day now in March. If you have been living under a rock,...

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