I have been seeing commercials (see below) for KFC’s Georgia Gold Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken for a while now. I was intrigued, I am a big fan of fried chicken and honey mustard. Now for whatever reason KFC isn’t currently on my regular rotation for culinary consumption, so when the Mrs. texted Chipotle or KFC, I knew it was time. It seems like it comes up on our option list a few times a year and I am never disappointed.

The low down:

  • I visited the Sunnyside location on my way home from work, Chelsea had texted me her order, a simple breast/wing combo meal.
  • They are strongly promoting the Georgia Gold right now as you can see in the pictures, they also have a clever message on their napkin holder.
  • I tried to just order some Georgia Gold strips but the nice lady at the register informed me it would actually be a penny more than the basket, they really push their baskets and combo meals.
  • Service was slow, but that is usually the case due to most restaurants putting a focus on drive-thru speed.
  • What I ordered:
    • Georgia Gold 3 Tender Basket – $5.49* – 3 Strips with a couple pickles, coleslaw and a biscuit.
    • Georgia Gold Chicken Little – $1.69* – 1 Strip, a pickle or two on a very stale bun.
    • Cheese Curds – $3.99* – Deep fried Cheese Curds, this location also is also an A&W.
  • Impressions:
    • I ate the Chicken Little as a snack on the way home. The Georgia Gold is delicious, the bun was a disappointing.
    • The presentation of the ‘basket’ did not meet marketing expectations.
    • Coleslaw and biscuit were good.
    • The cheese curds were ok, but I did get a pro tip from a friend, dip them in the extra Georgia Gold sauce.

Summary: If you like a strong mustard flavor to your honey mustard, swing buy and give it a try. It is nice that you can grab the Chicken Little for cheap to give it a try.

*In Oregon we do not have sales tax so this is actual price, but don’t be to jealous we pay for it in other ways.