Sadly by the time you read this post our good friends at Taco Bell have probably removed the popular Naked Chicken Chalupa from the menu. It came around early 2017 and as I write is scheduled to be removed any day now in March. If you have been living under a rock, the Naked Chicken Chalupa removes the normal thick fried wheat flour shell with fried chicken, then putting avocado ranch dressing, lettuce, and tomatoes inside.

While after trying the creation a few times I enjoyed it, I wanted to take it to the next level. While slightly spicier than I would like it, I figured there was something else it was missing. My wife was on a Taco Bell run and I had her grab me a Naked Chicken Chalupa (No Tomatoes) and a soft taco. Once home I got to work. I took the contents of the standard soft taco, minus some of the lettuce and placed it into the Naked Chicken Chalupa. I then topped it off with some sour cream and extra shredded mexican cheese.


How did it turn out? Delicious. It added more flavor and substance to an already enjoyable menu item.

Did you try the Naked Chicken Chalupa? What did you think? Did you do any modifications? Lettuce know on the social medias.

Note: Taco Bell representative statement: “The Naked Chicken Chalupa was always planned as a limited-time offer and because it has proven to be popular and exceeded expectations, we’re confident it will be returning to the menu in the future.”