I, Nate Heath, am passionate about many things in life. One of my life long passions has been food, especially fast food. As a child I remember the excitement of a Happy Meal at McDonalds, hoping to get the Hot Wheels that I wanted. The birthday parties at Pietro’s Pizza with the fire engine and of course the video games. The memories go on and on, then as I got older I worked in fast food, I’ll get to that another time. Now as an adult who puts a strong emphasis in efficiency and a good deal in life, there is nothing like a quick, delicious, cheap meal from one of the many, many fast food restaurants.

That is why I started PDX fast foodie, to share my passion with you. Here in Portland all of the focus goes to the hippest brunch spot, where after two hours of waiting you get your meal, but more importantly your status. A lot of fast food gets a bad wrap, figuratively, not literally the packaging has gotten pretty good, but I am here to bring you a safe space to admit your love.

What will PDX Fast Foodie be? Well, a little bit of everything hopefully, a podcast, videos, discussion, and other random goodness. The best way to keep up is to follow along on Facebook and Twitter.